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Cyber Compliance intellikor

Intellikor Infrastructure Security & Compliance ®

See how the infrastructure security program can help you identify and mitigate risk across infrastructure systems, and how to respond to threats (Intellikor Operational Readiness Review). ​

Our package includes:

Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation Strategy - Vulnerability analysis alert companies to the preexisting flaws in their applications and infrastructure, where they are located, and help define a remedial plan to solve for those threats.


Penetration Testing - Exploit and test the security layers of your organization. Penetration tests attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities in a system to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible, and identify which flaws pose a threat to the application.


Asset Management – Discover a complete inventory of all devices existing across your technology environment. Gain security and vulnerability insights into each system, determine the risk level for all devices, and define a security compliance baseline that must be met to protect your company from cyber threats. 

Audit and Compliance Analysis - Intellikor will partner with your business to uncover compliance gaps to meet NIST, ISO, OSINT, HIPAA & PCI frameworks. 

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