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Cyber Space Background


Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

•Internal and External, Passive and Active

Security Posture Assessments

Onsite Applications, Web Applications, Wireless, Password Complexity, Cloud

Security Compliance Audit and Gap/Risk Assessment

•Industry Specific (PCI, HIPAA)

•Federal Guideline (ISO, NIST, CIS, CJIS, NYCRR, GDPR)

Security Awareness Training and Personnel Security

•Phishing & Social Engineering

Active Endpoint Device Protection

•Standard (workstations, servers, mobile devices), Advanced (cloud email and collaboration), Email

Admission Control and Two-Factor Authentication

Security Operations -Monitoring and Event Management (SIEM)

Cybersecurity Insurance

Security Incident Response 

•Preparation and ongoing Incident Management

•Emergency Incident Response

Cloud Backup and Restoration -Data Resilience

Remote Workforce Support –Collaboration, Remote Session Control, VPN

•Remote and Onsite Engineering Support, Virtual CISO

Security Consultancy

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