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Intellikor About us
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Intellikor prevents cybersecurity disasters through an expert security assessment process. Our engineers are top notch and leverage highly sophisticated technology aimed at identifying critical risks, and a remediation strategy to protect the businesses of each client from crippling cyber threats. 

Our team brings over 20 years of fortune 500 global corporate experience. We know firsthand how important it is to protect the interest of your clients, while investing in a strategy that offers value and notable ROI. We serve businesses of all sizes domestically and internationally. Over the years we have maintained a successful track record in helping our clients mitigate substantial threats leading to multi-million-dollar savings. We view the client relationship from a long-term perspective, we are invested, and committed to delivering our service through excellence, thoughtfulness, and with purpose. At Intellikor our clients are not a number, it’s a personal relationship, and a partnership aimed at protecting our clients’ business so that they worry about what matters most, and that is growing their company with ease and peace of mind.

Our Mission

Help clients prevent and fortify against cyber-attacks while protecting them from ever-changing cyber threats through engineering excellence, technology innovation, and proven prevention and remediation tactics.

Value Pillars

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Working with conviction, through collaboration, and being thoughtful in everything we do

  • Going above and beyond, and delivering results with excellence

  • Caring about ourselves, co-workers, and our clients

How we work

Leadership Team

Henry Perez, M.B.A.
CEO, New Jersey

Daniel Cirelli, B.S., PMP, CISSP
President, New Jersey

Strategic Collaboration

Intellikor maintains a network of partner companies to enable highly secure and scalable service offerings to its clients.

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