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CyberVaccine Program

We are virus specialists!

The Problem:

Medical clinicians, private practices, and other healthcare facilities face two separate growing challenges … improving patient healthcare while balancing the impacts of administration, from insurance forms to office IT equipment. With healthcare’s growing reliance on technology and information systems for administrative and clinical functions, and in the face of HIPAA requirements for IT compliance and the ever-growing threat of cyber-attack, it gets more difficult every day to keep the focus on patients’ treatment and overall health.  

Symptoms of cybersecurity illness ( a self-diagnosis):

  • Frequent and unrestricted SPAM and Malware offers

  • Outdated system security documentation

  • Sluggish application performance

  • System downtime and lost data

  • History of attack in your network or partner family

  • Compromised patient data (PII)

Cybercriminals are parasites that feed on your patients’ PII data for medical identity theft to the black market, with attacks that directly cost your practice with regulatory fines (HIPAA and PCI), lost operational hours, broken appointment systems, lost data and ransom payments.

“You treat the patients in your office and let our CyberVaccine program keep both HIPAA and cyber criminals out of your office.”


 – H. Perez, CEO, 

Intellikor Cybersecurity

Symptoms of cybersecurity illness (a self-diagnosis):

Intellikor Cybersecurity understands the risks you face, and we help cure your myriad of security regulations and infrastructure headaches. Our CyberVaccine Program starts with a full body scan of all connected devices, from external-facing servers and websites to internal hardware, patient record storage and private and public cloud connections.  We identify security risks, software and hardware gaps, and use industry best practices to prescribe a prioritized list of remedies to get and keep your office systems and operations healthy.  

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  • Perform environment and business priority/risk analysis.

  • Run Dynamic Application Security Testing.

  • Screen for known attack vectors.

  • Identify security misconfigurations.

  • Deliver a detailed report that details the risks and overall security health posture.

  • Suggest a remediation strategy with actionable tasks.

  • Provide a certification (required by HIPAA) for Security Risk Assessment Completion.

Computer Processor


  • Remediate high-risk open vulnerabilities found during Diagnosis.

  • Run monthly external (web domain) security risk assessment. 

  • Run monthly internal Penetration Test and Assessment.

  • Detail vulnerability findings into your Compliance Report.

  • Manage and track ongoing remediation projects.

  • Certify Security Risk Assessment Completion for HIPAA Compliance.

Chart & Stethoscope


  • Run quarterly external (web domain) security risk assessment. 

  • Run quarterly API assessments for external data connections.

  • Train office staff for Security Awareness.

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