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Specialty Programs

Intellikor and Cylera have created a 45-day, No Obligation IoT Healthcheck Program to help small and regional hospital systems without burdening day-to-day staff.

This program is focused on healthcare organizations and delivers the following, spaced out over the 45-days:

·       Asset Identification and Inventory

·       Risk and “Zero Touch” Vulnerability Assessment

·       IoT/IoMT Security Posture Summary

45-Day No Obligation IoT Healthcheck Program
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Incident Breach Response Bundle 

For $10 per day, Intellikor’s Incident Breach Response service will onboard your business in advance and prepare our systems for crisis support should an attack occur. Intellikor's Incident Breach Response program ensures your business is monitored and will minimize impact should you suffer a cyber security attack.


As a promotion, we are offering an Incident Breach Response bundle. When your business signs on for an Incident Breach Response program, you will also receive our Insurance Gap Policy, and Dark Web Scanning programs to cover the cost of recovery and to ensure your information is not made available on the dark web. Intellikor's security scans are a stringent and effective solution that dives deep into your digital ecosystem and catches threats before they happen.


Your business will also gain access to forensic threat analysts and receive monthly reporting showcasing how our services tracked and responded to different traffic anomalies. 

For more information on this bundle offer, please send us your information via the adjacent contact form or give us a call at 1-877-954-6835. Let Intellikor protect your business today!

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