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Intellikor Specialty Services ®

Leverage Intellikor experts to help solution unique support services such as FileNet, ethical hacking, incident/crisis response, and cyber security insurance gap coverage and drive effectiveness and quality of service. 

​Our package includes:

Cybersecurity Analysis and Hacking – Analysis, threat hunting – we evaluate system and network logs to identify potential threats – we will discover active malicious activity and ways to mitigate exploits, Forensic Analysis – evaluate suspicious activity and identify digital attacks, identify the source of attack to your environment, and malware analysis – discover and develop the right antidote to remediate malware across your systems. Hacking – Engage with expert ethical hackers to run a real-world hacking incident, let our cyber experts show you how vulnerable your systems truly are. Get an detail report with intrusion descriptions, identified backdoors, and ways to mitigate and secure your environment.

Security Vulnerability Remediation Services –

Intellikor security experts will work with your team in resolving critical issues across your company’s security posture. We work in accordance with NIST, ISO, OSINT, HIPAA, and PCI frameworks to protect against pre-existing vulnerabilities that can permanently halt your business if not remediated. 


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