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Cyber Security Servers

Unlock Unrivaled Cybersecurity Excellence with Intellikor

At Intellikor, we don't just provide security risk assessments and cyber protection programs; we redefine the standards of excellence in safeguarding your business from cyber threats. Here's why our proposition stands out:

Unparalleled Value and Quality:

Our security risk assessments and cyber protection programs are more than just services; they are commitments to delivering unmatched value and top-tier quality. Our detailed analysis reports go beyond industry norms, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your cyber landscape.

Unveiling the Unseen:

Intellikor's engineers excel at discovering cybersecurity threats that lurk in the shadows, threats that bad actors wish you didn't know about. We bring visibility to the unseen, empowering you to proactively secure your business.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Global Resources:

Leveraging sophisticated technologies, global resources, and strategic partnerships, we stay steps ahead of cyber threats. Our in-house customized tools are designed for precision, uncovering even the most complex and hidden vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Servers

Unlock Unrivaled Cybersecurity Excellence with Intellikor

At Intellikor, we don't just provide security risk assessments and cyber protection programs; we redefine the standards of excellence in safeguarding your business from cyber threats. Here's why our proposition stands out:

State-of-the-Art and Affordable:

Our approach is state-of-the-art yet accessible. We offer affordable cybersecurity solutions supercharged with customization. Our engineers craft tailored defenses to fortify your business against evolving cyber-attacks.

Comprehensive Protection and Peace of Mind:

Protect your business from cyber criminals, meet industry compliance standards, and stay ahead of the curve. With Intellikor, enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is shielded from ransomware and critical cyber threats.

Ownership and World-Class Service:

Our commitment extends beyond solutions; our team takes ownership. Experience world-class service as we safeguard not only your data but also the trust of your clients, partners, and employees.


Choose Intellikor for cybersecurity that transcends expectations – where every assessment is a revelation, and every solution is a fortress against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Elevate your cybersecurity defense with Intellikor. Because your business deserves nothing less than excellence.

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Stay Safe In Cyber Space

Intellikor is a cybersecurity company focused on helping clients protect their IT Infrastructure, and technology from a cybersecurity attack.


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CEO - Media Company

Intellikor was amazing. They managed to secure all our servers and improved our security posture.


Operations Manager - Financial Company

I've worked with Intellikor for several years now. I feel secure knowing they are always working behind the scenes to ensure our data is secure.


 IT Manager - Internet Service Provider Company

We experienced a data breach and Intellikor helped isolate the infected systems, provided a remediation strategy to secure our website, and offered recommendations to protect our data from future cybersecurity breaches. We feel safer now knowing our client's information is secure thanks to Intellikor.


CFO - Health Care Company

Intellikor helped us remediate and rebuild after a ransomware attack, and created a list of priorities to fix weaknesses they found in our technology. Their guidance will protect us from similar attacks in the future.

Why choose Intellikor?

At Intellikor, we take a personalized approach to protecting your business, with a unique service focus and the best technology solutions in the industry.  Our team of experts delivers strong ROI by understanding your business and selecting the right solutions based on your key business drivers.  Intellikor is large enough to deliver the best technical solutions to your company and small enough to deliver all the personalized services you need without overblown services you don't. At Intellikor, we focus on keeping your technologies safe so you can focus on running and growing your business. 

Applying the right approach

Today’s interconnected world increases cybersecurity threats to new limits. Businesses of all sizes, irrespective of industry vertical, are targets for cybercrime. Increased connectivity brings a heightened risk of data exposure. As new technology adoption continues to evolve such as applications moving into the cloud, protecting data assets becomes more complicated as new doors open for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities and breach a company’s network.  An expanded attack surface opens businesses to direct security hacks, spear phishing, social media fraud, and countless nefarious actors. These threat forces require companies to operate intelligently, take preventative measures to reduce vulnerabilities and strengthen its security posture. Given the uncertainty of today’s cybersecurity landscape, businesses require the right level of expertise, engineering innovation and a curated remediation plan to safeguard their company’s data. At Intellikor our professional security team will guide each business client through an expert approach, aimed at reducing threat exposure, and effectively manage risks through a curated remediation plan.


Relying on off-the-shelf security "point products" or hoping all infrastructure behind the firewall will remain safe is often the blueprint to disaster.  Having the right team with proven cybersecurity expertise is essential in being able to combat against today’s threat actors. Out of the box security scans by themselves will not deliver the protection demanded by today’s enterprises. Intellikor offers top notch cybersecurity engineers who specialize in this type of work. We follow industry frameworks such NIST, ISO, PCI, OSINT, and HIPAA while implementing state of art sophisticated tools designed to uncover vulnerabilities and existing threats that could cripple any company.  We combine the right expertise with a tactical solution, curated remediation strategy aligned to architectural and operational standards. Intellikor takes a personalized approach for each client, our experts enable the right preventative layers for our clients to defend against cyberattacks.

Resilient Cyber Protection

Cybercrime is a big business. Sophisticated threat actors exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and wait for the right moment to hold it for ransom. These criminals constantly develop new capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten businesses of all vertices. To be cyber resilient means to be ahead of the game. We combine experts with highly sophisticated technology to uncover blind spots in your company’s security posture. As an added extension to Intellikor’s capabilities our team collaborates with industry-leading technology researchers and security partners to stay ahead of the curb. Our experts bring along this rich level of knowledge to help drive the security resilience our customers expect to have. Establishing a plan, and performing routine cyber due diligence is part of a successful formula, designing the right security strategy to protect your business from the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape requires resilience and top-notch expertise.  Intellikor works closely with each client to develop the right approach to securing your company.

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to find out how we can help identify vulnerabilities, and secure your technologies with the best security and performance solutions for your business.

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