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Today’s interconnected world increases cybersecurity threats to new limits. Businesses of all size and industry vertical are targets for cybercrime. Increased connectivity brings heightened risk of theft, fraud, and abuse. As technology adoption continues to skyrocket and hybrid cloud processing becomes the norm, open architectures introduce additional vulnerabilities to cyberattack.  An expanded attack surface opens businesses to direct security hacks, spear phishing, social media fraud and countless nefarious actors. These forces require companies to operate with hyper-scalable technologies that deliver increased agility and security while satisfying ROI and financial restraints. Given the uncertainty of today’s cybersecurity landscape, businesses must leverage right-sized security solutions that can scale while maintaining profitability. Intellikor helps clients to find, adopt, and deploy next generation technologies that are secure, scalable, simple to adopt, and economically viable.


Relying only on off-the-shelf security "point products" or hoping all infrastructure behind the firewall is always safe is often the architecture of disaster.  Further, annual, quarterly or even monthly security scans by themselves will not deliver the protection the enterprise demands from today's myriad of cyber threats. Intellikor offers a deliberate framework and set of tools to first uncover security gaps, and then to create a pathway to ongoing improvement.  We combine the right solutions, with proper architectural and operational standards, to deliver an appropriate  integrated strategy to help resolve existing and ongoing cyber threats for our clients. Further, because our functional solutions can link systems with external technologies, the adaption of a more secure, robust, and predictable solution becomes much more achievable for businesses of any size. Intellikor delivers the capabilities our clients require to defend against cyber attacks, and we work with industry leading security partners to deliver the cybersecurity tools, incident response services, and assessment capabilities to safeguard the essential networks that run the essential operations of our customers business.


Cyber crime in 2020 is big business.  Sophisticated cyber actors exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and or hold it for ransom, and these criminals are constantly developing new capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten the delivery of essential services. Through collaboration with industry leading security partners and subject matter experts, Intellikor is able to mitigate risks across most common business risk factors, whether they be compliance mandates, the demands of a teleworker access, ongoing budget uncertainties, or shortages in both staff and critical skills.  Intellikor works closely with each client to construct affordable processes, architectures and tools that allow small, medium, and large scale clients to achieve a realistic cybersecurity strategy to protect their business.

What Our Clients Say

Stay Safe In Cyberspace

Helping companies mitigate cybersecurity risks through next generation technologies that are secure, scalable, simple to adopt, and economically viable

Immediately executing the right corrective action during  an attack can prevent a problem from becoming a catastrophe.

Security Incident Response

Social engineering & phishing campaigns are the most popular attack vectors for hackers. Employees need to be trained on the best cyberhygiene 

Security Awarness

Training and Personnel Security

We keep a pulse on emerging threats, and once we onboard your infrastructure, we can notify you of emerging threats that affect you.

Security Operations Monitoring & Event Management (SIEM)


Understanding your gaps and weaknesses is the first step toward protecting your organization from malicious actors.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

We will help your organization get and stay compliant with standards like HIPAA & PCI.

Security Compliance Audit and Gap / Risk Assessment

We will partner with your organization and take a vested interest in keeping you, your employees, and your patients safe.

Security Consulting

Image by Ian Battaglia

The Intellikor team was very responsive.  They secured our key assets and improved our security posture.

We were facing a business audit that we could not afford to fail, and Intellikor's engineers found and fixed our weak spots before the auditors even arrived.

Intellikor  successfully  secured and certified our purpose-built in-house application, which gave us the confidence to win a prized government contract.   

Intellikor helped us remediate and rebuild after a ransom-wear attack, and created a roadmap of operational best practices to protect us from similar attacks in the future.

Experienced a Breach?

The Intellikor services team will quickly establish visibility of attacker activity, work with your team to contain the breach, and get you back to serving customers faster.

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