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We offer security audits to uncover vulnerabilities that may exist in your environment. We also offer consulting services, whereby we foster a partnership with your organization to ensure that your infrastructure, employees, and privacy data are protected. Technology solutions alone are not sufficient to protect your organization. Your company needs to foster a culture of security awareness among your employees in order to fight against the two most prolific types of threats organizations are faced with today - malware and phishing attempts. Phishing campaigns & training will help mitigate these threats. We will also do a thorough audit of you network and connected devices to ensure there are no easy footholds to be gained by malicious actors, and assist with remediation of any vulnerabilities we find. Finally, we will stick around to advise and help develop your organizations security plan, maintain compliance, and keep you safe in cyberspace.


Relying on off-the-shelf security products, a firewall, or having computer technicians run a yearly security scan will simply not be enough to combat the intensified cyber threats businesses are facing today. Intellikor offers a deliberate framework and set of tools to help uncover security gaps and the right solutions, and the strategy that is most appropriate to help resolve existing cyber threats for our clients. And, because common functional solutions are used to link systems with external technologies, the adaption of a more secure, robust, and predictable solution become much more achievable. Intellikor offers its clients the capability required to defend against cyber attacks and
works with several highly respected partners to provide cybersecurity tools, incident response services, and assessment capabilities to safeguard the networks that support the essential operations of our customers business.


Today’s interconnected world increases cybersecurity threats to new limits. Businesses of all sizes and industry vertical have seen or been affected by cybercrime. Increased connectivity brings heightened risk of theft, fraud, and abuse. As there continues to be a spike with technology adoption companies become more reliant on modern solutions,
this also invites more vulnerabilities to cyberattack such as corporate security breaches, spear phishing, and social media fraud. These forces require companies to operate with hyper-scalable technologies, increased agility, economically, and with velocity. Given the uncertainty with today’s cybersecurity landscape businesses require leverage,intelligent security solutions, and the ability to scale while maintaining profitability. Intellikor helps clients to find, adopt, develop next generation technologies that are secure, scalable, simple to adopt, and economically viable.

Stay Safe In Cyber Space

Helping organizations minimize cybersecurity risks one client at a time.

Taking corrective action to close any security gaps are important for both compliance & security.

Security Incident Response

Social engineering & phishing campaigns are the most popular attack vector for hackers, employees need to be trained to spot these attacks.

Security Awarness

Training and Personnel Security

We keep a pulse on emerging threats, and once we understand your infrastructure, we can notify you of an emerging threat that affects you.

Security Operations Monitoring & Event Management (SIEM)


Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Understanding where your gaps are is the first step in protecting your organization from malicious actors.

We will help your organization stay compliant with standards like HIPAA & PCI.

Security Compliance Audit and Gap / Risk Assessment

We will partner with your organization, and take a vested interest in keeping you, your employees, and your patients safe.

Security Consulting

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The Intellikor team was very supportive they manage to secure all of our assets and they manage to secure our security posture

What Our Clients Say

I've worked with Intellikor for several years now. I feel secure knowing they are always working behind the scenes to ensure our data is secure.

Intellikor helped us remediate and resolve a Ransom-wear breach that  they successfully  helped  secure and attest our custom made application which successfully allowed us to earn business with the government.   


Clients working with Intelikor have found that they:









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