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Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Intellikor IoT Security & Compliance ®

Enhance visibility and protection, understand risk, uncover hidden threats, automate compliance and respond to threats with modern Internet of Things security technology.

​Our package includes:

Healthcare Internet of Things Cybersecurity Analysis and Monitoring – Protect medical network devices across the hospital network. Mitigate anomalous traffic from communicating over your hospital network, identify an accurate mapping of your clinical infrastructure.

Power grid Cyber Security Control, Analysis and Monitoring – Gain visibility into known vulnerabilities across the power grid infrastructure. Tap into real world mitigation strategies that help prevent cyber intrusion of critical power grid systems by evaluating your overall power grid core control network.

Audit and Compliance Analysis - Intellikor will partner with your business to uncover compliance gaps to meet NIST, ISO, OSINT, HIPAA & PCI frameworks. 

Asset Management – Discover a complete inventory of all devices existing across your technology environment. Gain security and vulnerability insights into each system, determine the risk level for all devices, and define a security compliance baseline that must be met to protect your company from cyber threats.

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