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Operational Readiness Review Benefits

Operational Assessment

Intellikor will deliver an analysis scorecard of your IT vulnerabilities, with suggestions for remediation.


Intellikor will tailor our analysis to meet and exceed HIPAA or NIST requirements based on the security safeguards (and vulnerabilities) we discover and present a playbook to help you better protect confidential information. 

Vulnerability Scorecard

Intellikor will deliver a listing of the weaknesses in your customer-facing website and servers, with prioritization of those findings based on the potential business value of the data at risk and the relative strength of your security posture based on how simple you could be attacked.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your business now
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What Intellikor's Operational Readiness Review delivers

  1. Review your environment for known deficiencies based on industry best practices. 

  2. Understand your key data stores and assure your mission-critical information is safely stored, properly backed up, and appropriately protected.

  3. Measure your business against the guidelines offered by HIPAA, NIST, PCI/DSS, or other appropriate governing bodies.

  4. Qualify your business for "Safe Harbor" status.

  5. Deliver a prioritized scorecard of our findings, and recommend prioritized remediation next steps. 

With ransomware holding American businesses hostage daily, every business is increasingly aware of the security threats hackers pose to ongoing operations. Intellikor helps uncover vulnerabilities the hackers rely on to gain a foothold. 

Intellikor offers solutions in both cybersecurity and normal business operations to safeguard your business against cyber attacks and to protect against ransomware. 


Available as a one time analysis or on-going protection plan

Contact us to find out how we can assist your business or organization in securing your location with the best security options that will protect both your network and information.

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